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Working together to grow the game: A letter to our families

By Coach Lewis, 04/23/22, 8:00AM CDT


Wetumpka partners with FCM and Prattville United to create additional opportunities for our soccer family.

When we started this Soccer Club in 2019, we did so out of necessity. There was no club soccer in Elmore County, no accessible soccer club ($$$) in our area and there was a need to give our kids and kids in the central Alabama the option to play competitive soccer.


Fast forward to the present day and the landscape continues to change. Many regional clubs have grown weaker or closed all together and new clubs seem to start every season. We have also seen the formation of super clubs who are using their size to attract high skill players while making their other teams less of a priority and gutting smaller clubs.


Hopefully this increased competition will provide opportunities for new players to play the game who otherwise didn’t have access and hopefully the clubs will continue to be player centered.


As long as we are associated with Wetumpka United, our focus will always be centered around our players and our families.


Last week we sent out an email letting our soccer family know we are looking at a partnership with other clubs in the area so that our players will always have the opportunity play and have the same opportunities as larger clubs .


This Spirng we began experimenting with guest play with FCM. What that meant is this: if we had a team that did not have proper depth for games, we were able to add guest players from FCM to ensure that we had the number of players to play a safe, competitive game. Based on the mutual success we had, we agreed with FCM and Prattville United to do so this fall to enhance the player experience for our club.


The clubs remain separate but this partnership gives us the ability to have players guest play so that teams have plenty of depth and plenty of quality as we approach games. It also gives our teams the option to have kids who are on the same competitive level to grow and develop together. Elite teams that give us the opportunity to play in division one, presidents cup, mls next ecnl sccl and other elite leagues.


Our older 11 v11 teams will likely not be affected much. Those teams are established and we continue to fortify those teams with players of good quality and potential. The success our high school and Jr. High player have had speaks to the quality of our club.


It will help younger teams that were thin on roster size. For example, last fall due to some different circumstances we had a team that was in league play that only had eight players available in November based on small initial roster size, injuries, parental commitment or lack thereof, and attrition. Under this partnership we will be able to get players from the other clubs to have a full roster provide depth and give our kids the opportunity to play games and a safe competitive manner.  


The teams will conduct tryouts during the same period. Tryouts remain at separate locations. The tryouts here in Wetumpka will be at 1100 West Tallassee Street on Monday and Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. There is no fee for tryouts for our club. We want people to have access to the game. We will also continue to work to keep our prices affordable for our families despite the fees of other clubs.


This partnership will not affect our rec league in any way.


We will continue to work to provide opportunities for our players to grow, be competitive, and have fun. We are working behind the scenes to create other partnerships in the near future. We are excited about our prospects for growth.


Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always accessible.



For Our Players,

Coach Lewis